Ch 6.2  Railroads Transform the Nation

The railroads linked the East to the West.

Trains carried raw materials such as lumber, livestock, and grain eastward.  In the east many raw materials they were made into finished goods.  In return, factories shipped their goods west. 

Trains brought precious supplies to settlers and hauled farmers’ crops to markets in the east.  Trains brought hunters, settlers and miners.


Chapter 6 – Section 2 Vocabulary

Transcontinental railroad– a railroad that goes across an entire continent.

Standard time– system that divided the country into 4 time zones.



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The Main Idea:

  • The federal government wanted a transcontinental railroad built to encourage people to settle in the West and help develop its economy.
  • The government encouraged the building of the railroad by giving railroad companies 20 miles of land for every mile of track built.
  • Standard time was created because it was too hard to make train schedules when every community went by its own time.