Ch 6.4  Workers Organize



  1. To describe working conditions in the late 1800s
  2. To trace the beginnings of the labor movement
  3. To evaluate union setbacks and significant strikes
  4. To describe the founding of the American Federation of Labor






Chapter 6 – section 4 Vocabulary

sweatshop– place where workers worked long hours for little pay.

Knights of Labor – prominent workers’ union.

Socialism – economic system in which all members of society are equal owners of all businesses.

Haymarket Affair – a conflict between police and union members in Chicago in May 1886.

Pullman Strike – 1894 strike that spread throughout the rail industry.

Eugene V. Debs – American railway union president.

Samuel Gompers – US labor leader

American Federation of Labor (AFL) – national organization of unions that Gompers helped to start


Video:  Breaker Boys

Video below:  Triangle Fire

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