Ch 4

Standard:  Understands the impact of the Civil War on the country



 Reconstruction Pre-Test 

Read: Rebuilding The South History Short

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After the Civil War, the Federal government gained MORE power. 

They used this power to:

            1. create income tax

            2. make paper money

            3. make a new federal banking system

            4. Funded railroads

            5. gave Western land to settlers

            6. create / fund state colleges


13th Amendment – Banned Slavery


To be allowed back in the union, the southern states had to:

  1. Let all adult men vote
  2. Extend citizenship to African Americans


14th Amendment – Extended Citizenship to African Americans


15th Amendment – Protected the voting rights of African Americans (citizens could not be stopped from voting based on race, color or if they had been slaves).


The Southern economy was destroyed by the Civil War.

  1. The Union soldiers destroyed anything useful to the Confederate soldiers (railroads).
  2. Fields were damaged
  3. Confederate money was useless (because the North won).
  4. The value of cotton dropped. (They had to sell it for less money)
  5. There were fewer men to do the field work on farms.


After they were freed, African Americans still faced problems:

  1. KKK & Negative attitudes of others
  2. Jim Crow Laws
  3. Didn’t own land or homes.
  4. Sharecropping
  5. They couldn’t find jobs.
  6. They were paid low wages.


Read small blue book A Changing America

  • Changes in the South pages 11-19

  • In the Land of Jim Crow pages 49-59 (Leave tracks)
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