6.1  The Growth of Industry



  1. To identify factors that nurtured the Industrial Revolution
  2. To explain how business cycles reflected rapid economic growth
  3. To describe the growth of the steel and electric-power industries
  4. To analyze how inventions changed American life



Chapter 6 – Section 1 vocabulary

Petroleum – oily, flammable liquid used in making kerosene.

Patent – document giving inventors sole rights to make and sell their product.

Business cycle – pattern of good and bad economic times.

Bessemer steel process – technique that produced steel cheaper

generator – machine that produced electric current

Thomas Edison – inventor who developed a practical light bulb and found the most ways to use electricity.

Alexander Graham Bell – inventor who developed the first telephone.

Centennial Exhibition – a public fair celebrating America’s 100th birthday.





Video: Thomas Edison (2:51)



Video: The Birth of Telecommunications (4:11)

A Scottish-born American audiologist, Alexander Graham Bell is best known as the inventor of the telephone.