About Me

I like to think of myself as a coach or a facilitator of learning.              I have a passion for technology and incorporate it into lessons and assessments when I can. I provide students with opportunities to be in charge of their learning, discover new ideas, gain insight, and make connections.



I have been teaching 6th grade at Lineville Intermediate School since 2002. 



I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with majors in Elementary Education (1-6) and Cross-Categorical Special Education (PreK-12) with an emphasis on learning disabilities. 
I later attended Marian University where I earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. 

This is me with one of my favorite authors, Patricia Polacco, at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee.  

I drove there Thursday, September 11, 2014 (yes, a school night!) with my mom to meet Patricia.  If you ever get the chance she is amazing to listen to.

My "Favorites"

I received this questionnaire from a parent and then had several students asking about my answers…so, here they are:

Color: That’s a tough one.  I often resort to black, as that is my “safe” color, but I do like bright/fun things.

Snack:  Gosh…I snack on Chex Mix, almonds, granola bars, hard boiled eggs, popcorn, fruit, yogurt, really anything “snacky”.  I try to snack on things that are healthy.

Dessert (cake, pie, cookies, etc.)  Yes. HAHA!  I love dessert.  I mostly love deserts with chocolate (7 layer bars, chocolate chip cookies, etc.), but I do enjoy non-chocolate desserts as well.

Fruit  Yes again.  Grapes, watermelon, apples, I can’t think of a fruit I don’t like.  I like bananas but only until they get brownish (I don’t like them mushy at all).


Restaurant:  Some of my favorites:  Plae Bistro, Grapevine Cafe, Rustique, Texas Roadhouse, Cheesecake Heaven, Koko, Smart Cow, I could go on and on…again, I’m really not picky.  Mostly I like to go to eat with people I enjoy being around.

Place to go:  I enjoy going to my parents’ house to walk in the woods behind their house and to our family cottage.  The places I like to go usually have to do with the people I am with.

Thing to do:  Camping, boating, kayaking, shopping, reading, walking.

Chocolate (milk, dark or white - with or without nuts)  - Yes.  :)  I like them all with or without nuts!

When is your birthday?  November 4th

Do you collect anything?  No