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1. Watch the Video in Class

2. Read the article from the magazine:

Action Magazine Surviving Hurricane Sandy

400 Lexile

740 Lexile (Letter R)


3. Answer the questions about Integrating information from the Text and the Video

1. Describe the types of visuals that are used in the video.

2. List two details from the video that tell more about how Hurricane Sandy affected Matt’s community.

3. The video features two different points of view: the narrator’s and Matt’s. 

            a. What type of information does the narrator give the viewer?

            b. What might be important to include Matt’s point of view in the video?

4. Using information from both the article and the video, describe what hurricanes are and the damage they can cause.

4. Read this article:

Bringing Hope to Sandy Survivors

5. Complete the two questions on this sheet:

Paired Reading Worksheet