Mid 19th Century

Understands the key military and political events that influenced the outcomes of the Civil War  

Creating America: p.137-144

(reviewed only – assessed in grade 5)

Understands the impact of the Civil War on the country Creating America: p.144-152

  • Federal System vs. States Rights
  • Increased sectionalism
  • Economic collapse of the South \ economic impact
  • Southern resistance: continued racism (Klan, Jim Crow)
  • Constitutional Changes: Amendments 13th, 14th, 15th

Late 19th Century

Understands the significant changes caused by the industrialization, urbanization, and population growth in the United States during the late 19th century

  • Growing disparity between rich and poor, monopolies, growth of labor unions Creating America: p.180-198
  • Immigration and child labor
  • Population Growth: Fear of foreigners , westward expansion, Indian relocation Creating America:p.152-174
  • U.S Imperialism (Philippines, Hawaii, Roosevelt Corollary)

Early 20th Century

Understands the origins, issues, and impact of the Progressive movement

Creating America: p.234-252

  • Origin: Work conditions, public safety, government corruption
  • Issues: Social Responsibility (ex: temperance), Government Reform (ex: suffrage) Creating America: p.204-232
  • Impact: 16th and 19th Amendments

Understands the causes and impact of the United States’ role in World War I

  • Causes: Zimmermann’s note, isolationism, make the world safe for democracy Creating America: p.254-272
  • Impact of : doughboy, convoy Creating America: p.274-302
  • League of Nations (Fourteen points) , Treaty of Versailles

Understands the causes and impact of the Great Depression on America

Creating America: p.304-350

  • Stock Market Crash, Roaring Twenties
  • New Deal
  • Social Unrest: e.g., Labor movement, Bonus army

Understands the causes of the US entry into, and its role in, World War II

Creating America: p.352-382

  • Causes: Fascism (Germany / Italy) , Totalitarianism, Appeasement and Neutrality, Imperialism (Japan)
  • Role: Arsenal of democracy, European front, Pacific front, Atomic bomb, Funded most of the cost of the war

Understands the results and impact of World War II Creating America: p.384-404

  • Results: Cold War (arms race, Iron Curtain, Marshall Plan, US as Super-power, NATO,Truman Doctrine) , United Nations, Red Scare
  • Impact: Baby Boomers, Economic prosperity, urban migration to suburbs

Mid-20th Century

Understands the development and implications of the Korean War

Creating America: p.384-404

  • Communist expansion, vs. containment
  • Police action vs. declared war
  • NATO (1949) Warsaw Pact (1955)

Understands the development and implications of the Vietnam War

Creating America: p.430-448

  • Domino Theory
  • Social unrest and anti-war movement
  • Erosion of respect for authority
  • guerilla warfare
  • 26th Amendment

Understands the key influences and events of the Civil Rights movements

Creating America: p.408-428

  • Influences: e.g., Martin Luther King Jr., Non-violence, Brown v Board of Education, Great Society, Black militants groups
  • Events: e.g., Montgomery Bus Boycott, Sit-ins, march on Washington, Freedom riders, Voter registration


Understands how groups and institutions influence people, events, and the cultures in contemporary settings

  • Examples: Hippie movement / counter-culture, music, Camelot to Watergate, television Creating America: p.450-464
  • ERA \ Glass ceiling (equal pay) Creating America: p.468-494
  • Terrorism (9/11/01)