Immigration Tour

In Class:


Watch:  Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island


While you watch the Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island tell:

            1. What did you find interesting?

            2. What do you wonder?

            3. What kind of connection can you make?


After Watching take this Quick Quiz (The questions are below, but you will answer them on the link)

  1. What island is The Statue of Liberty on?
  2. What island was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States?
  3. The first part of the process of Ellis Island was________.  Doctors would watch them do this to see if they were healthy.
  4. Doctors gave immigrants a ______ second health examination.
  5. If they were suspected of illness, immigrants were marked with________.


chinese immigrant

Observe the building of the nation. How have immigrants shaped this land?



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