15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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Dialogue:  Rules for writing direct quotations in a conversation.

  1. A direct quotation begins and ends with quotation marks.
  2. The first word of a direct quotation begins with a capital letter.
  3. Begin a new paragraph each time a different person speaks.
  4. When a direct quotation comes at the end of a sentence, put a comma after the speaker’s word and before the first quotation marks. 

                  Tim said, “Math is my favorite subject.”

  1. When a direct quotation is a question or exclamation, put the punctuation mark before the last quotation mark. 

                  “What is your favorite subject?” asked Tim.

  1. When a direct quotation begins a sentence, and it is a statement or a command, put a comma at the end before the last quotation marks.

                  “Reading is my favorite,” replied Emily.