Reading Strategies


- Leave Tracks -

When we read we leave tracks of our thinking so we can learn, understand, and remember what we read.  It also helps Ms. Woz see what we are thinking.

It is important to make our reading "thinking intensive" by jotting down tracks while reading. 

When we leave tracks of our thinking is helps us remember the material we had read the night or day before.

To track your thinking try using codes. Something like this:

? = Question I have about something

?? or Huh? = Confusion about something

** = Important information

! = Exciting / Oh My Gosh! / WOW! information

R = A connection or reminds me of…

If you are writing in your notebook rather than using Post-It Notes be sure to write the page number as well.

It really doesn’t matter what code you use, as long as you show what you are thinking.

Notice the "tracks" Sela left in her book!  Awesome!  She's really thinking!