Core:  this is the center of the sun.  This is where the sun’s energy is produced.


Middle Layer: (Radiative Zone)-  this is a very dense region about 300,000 km. thick.  Heat and gas “radiate” from the center.  (example= if you stand about 2 feet back from a bonfire)


Outer Layer (Convective Zone): This layer is about 200,000 km. thick; Gases circulate in this layer


Photosphere- This layer is the visible part of the sun that we can see from the Earth.


Chromosphere- A thin region about 30,000 km. right below the corona (surface).


Corona- This later forms the sun’s outer layer.


Solar Flares- These are regions of extremely high temperatures that develop on the sun’s surface.  They are giant eruptions.  They interrupt radio communications on Earth.  The flares can extend out for several thousand miles.


Sunspots- cooler, dark spots on the photosphere.  They vary in size and shape.  Sunspots cycle every 11 years.