Check out the  Brain Pop Movie on the Life Cycle of a Star

What happens to a star when it dies? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will teach you all the secrets of the stars--how they form, how long they live, and what happens when they die. In particular, you’ll discover what will happen to our star, the sun, when it’s ready to expire--we’d better have another place to live at that point, because things on Earth might get a bit toasty! You’ll learn why some stars just peter out and die quietly, while others go out in a huge blaze of glory--and others still collapse so rapidly on themselves that they turn into black holes!

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Stellar Sam Interactive Star


Astronomy for Kids (Ducksters)


ThinkQuest Life Cycle of Stars


NASA Video - The Life Cycle of Stars

This NASA video segment describes the life cycle of a star. Viewers learn about the opposing forces on a star and the ways in which these forces change over time to create a red giant. The video also discusses what will happen when the sun becomes a red giant, evolves into a white dwarf, and eventually ends its life as a black stellar corpse.  Duration: 4 minutes 18 seconds

NASA (K-8) Life Cycle of Stars


National Geographic - Stars


Protostars and Stellar Nurseries


Lifecycle of a Star PDF for kids


Check out these Pictures of Stars from National Geographic.  Be sure to read the caption below the pictures to learn more!




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